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Planning Themes

As future plans unfold, six planning themes are in place to provide a framework for decision-making.  During planning and implementation, MCC recognizes that future projects and initiatives must account for the tenets outlined within each theme: 

Six circles broken up into three rows and two columns. From left to right, starting in Column 1,  the top row reads: Learning, Program Development, and Delivery, Student Support, and Campus Identity and Sense of Place. On the bottom row, from left to right, starting in Column 1, we have Inclusivity and Accessibility, Stewardship and Sustainability of Resources, and Community Engagement and Connection.

Foster and cultivate robust community partnerships that enhance educational opportunities, workforce development and community engagement, ensuring mutual benefit and shared success.

Focus on learning, educational excellence and program development to meet the ever-changing needs of students and the community, as well as the way they learn.

Design locations and spaces with distinct, unique identities to create a purposeful connection between students, industry and the community.

Create inclusive learning environments to support diversity and promote equal opportunities for all students.

Provide necessary tools, guidance and assistance for students to succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

Continuously improve operations and shared use of resources to increase effectiveness and strengthen infrastructures to support sustainable practices. 

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