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Planning Themes
Planning at MCC
Learn about planning themes.
Facilities Long-Range Plan
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Mission Achievement Plan
Strategic priorities and goals for student success, programs, operations, and growth.
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Sustainability Plan
MCC’s three-pronged approach to sustainability.
Sustainability Plan
Planning Governance and Implementation Structure
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Four overlapping circles from large outer to small inner reads top to bottom. The large outermost circle reads Facilities Long-Range plan; larger inner circle reads Mission Achievement Plan (MAP), medium inner circle reads Strategic Enrollment Plan (SEM), small innermost circle reads Area Plans. Onward comprised of a collection of inclusive, comprehensive, college plans. Although the plans are integrated and aligned, each contributes in a unique way to create a roadmap for the future. Each plan is a living document with an annual review to continuously guide our collegewide planning and budgeting into the next fifty years. Onward!