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This career certificate prepares students for careers in law specific to business or transactional law matters. Students pursuing the MCC Transactional Specialist Career Certificate learn about the roles and functions of transactional law professionals who provide support to attorneys to resolve disputes out of court. Job functions include researching, drafting contracts and real estate closing documents; working on matters involving deal negotiation between parties (i.e., mergers and acquisitions of companies, financing agreements, and sales of company divisions); assisting with matters of corporate governance; helping with corporate oriented work (i.e., securities filings, UCC matters, due diligence review, etc.); and otherwise assisting with matters that bring people and businesses together.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Students may use the Transactional Law Specialist Career Certificate as a pathway to further their Legal Studies education in completion of the following Certificates and Degrees:

Associate in Applied Science:

Career Certificate:


For current information regarding income and careers in legal occupations, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Explore the functions of the real estate process, gain an awareness and understanding of the legal issues arising from real estate transactions, and review the transactional specialist’s role in this area.
  • Analyze the laws, regulations, agencies, and issues involved in employment practices, discrimination claims, labor unions and child labor, employee benefits, occupational safety and health issues, equal opportunity claims, and affirmative action matters.
  • Understand the role of a transactional specialist in the administration of bankruptcy, credit, and collections law and procedure at a law office representing individuals and businesses as a debtor or creditor under federal law.
  • Analyze the transactional professional's role in assisting attorneys in matters involving insurance contracts, risk, damages, and claims at law offices and insurance firms.
  • Explore the functions of the transactional law process by comparing laws among various business organizations, and draft corporate documents related to business entity creation, existence, and dissolution.
  • Examine the transactional specialist’s role in assisting attorneys with preparing contracts from a variety of specialized practice areas, draft simple contracts, review contractual provisions in selected specialized practice areas, and understand the impact of different contract laws and doctrines such as the statute of frauds and the Uniform Commercial Code.

Courses Offered:

Students select a total of 6 courses (27.0 credits) from those listed below.

  • REES 1100 - Real Estate Law 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2323 - Labor & Employment Law 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2325 - Bankruptcy, Credit and Collections Law 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2420 - Wills, Trusts & Estates 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2421 - Insurance Law 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2422 - Law of Corporations 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2424 - Contract Law 4.5 Credits

For More Information Contact

Sherman Willis
J.D., B.A., RICP®, Licensed Insurance Agent - Nebraska and Iowa
Business Area Division Coordinator | Law/Insurance Instructor
MCC Sarpy Center | (531) 622-3832

Academic Focus Area (AFA) Community & Human Services

Associate in Applied Science: Legal Studies - Paralegal and Legal Studies
Paralegal Accelerated Certificate of Achievement

American BAR Association - ABA Approved