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The Practical Nursing program at MCC prepares students interested in helping others in the healthcare field. This is a one-year certificate program.

Practical nurses perform a variety jobs in public and private healthcare organizations. They care for the sick, check vital signs, assist with patient care planning and more under the direction of a physician, nurse or nurse practitioner.

Students who successfully complete the program and the subsequent NCLEX-PN examination through the State Board of Nursing can practice as an entry-level PN in the United States.

Students who complete the MCC Practical Nursing program can continue onto the College’s Nursing program to receive an associate degree.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Certificate of Achievement:


Accreditation: The Associate Degree Nursing and Practical Nursing programs are approved by the Nebraska Board of Nursing.

Program Director/Instructor: Richelle 'Ricki' Christensen, RN, MSN, 531-622-4790
Instructor: Diana Blum, RN, MSN, 531-622-4651 
Instructor: Kristin Dolezal, RN, MSN, 531-622-4782 
Instructor: Leslie Seaman, MSN, RN, 531-622-4794 
Instructor: Troy Peterson, RN, BSN, 531-622-4751 
Instructor: Lori Saville, RN, MSN, 531-622-4723 
Instructor: Alex Winter, RN, MSN, EdD, 531-622-4784 

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact the program director at the email provided above or at 531-622-3004.  If you are ready to get started with program requirements or the application process, please call 531-622-2400 to schedule your advising appointment with a Success Navigator or Academic Advisor.

Additional info:

NOTE: For best performance with assistive technologies, please download the PN Application Packet, rather than viewing it in the browser.


NOTE: For accommodations concerning the application above, please contact our Disability Support Services.