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The Photography program (PHOT) at MCC teaches how to solve photographic problems through the skillful use of camera, lighting, laboratory and electronic techniques. Included are experiences in commercial, general and digital photography. Students learn contemporary and historic processes in the dark rooms and photo processing labs.

Photography students enter careers as freelancers or photojournalists, employed in commercial or portrait studios, industrial photo units, retail photo finishing and sales, working with digital imaging systems, or as manufacturer technical representatives.

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Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:

Career Certificate:


Dean of Humanities and The Arts: Susan Trinkle, 531-622-1342
Department Associate: Annette Guy, 531-622-1329 
Success Navigator for Creative Arts and Design: Ivona Masic, 531-622-2687
Embedded Advisor for Creative Arts and Design: Susie McWhirter, 531-622-1317 
Instructor: Adam Dienst-Scott, 531-622-1285 
Instructor: Sheila Talbitzer, 531-622-1338
Instructor: Larry Gawel, 531-622-1448