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The MCC Legal Studies Program prepares students for today’s legal work environment, including working with legal ideas, legal institutions, and the legal process. With numerous pathway options available for paralegals and other legal professionals, this program prepares students for careers working under the supervision of an attorney in a law, business, or government office; as administrative assistants or legal office administrators. The MCC Legal Studies Program also provides educational opportunities to those students interested in advancing their education to become an attorney.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:

Career Certificate:

Certificate of Achievement:


For current information regarding income and careers in legal occupations, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Understand the role of a paralegal and the knowledge and skills required of a paralegal.
  • Use of technology tools utilized in legal offices.
  • Demonstrate ethical standards of the legal professional.
  • Apply legal concepts to factual situations.
  • Organize case files and records.
  • Draft legal documents.

The MCC Legal Studies Program options include one degree, two Certificates of Achievement, and four Career Certificates. All Career Certificates are paths to the Legal Professional Certificate of Achievement, which itself paths to the Legal Studies – Paralegal Associate in Applied Science Degree. Below is an illustration of these stackable credentials. The Legal Studies – Paralegal Accelerated Certificate is designed specifically for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree and therefore is seen as a terminal curriculum pathway at MCC. The MCC Associate in Applied Science: Legal Studies - Paralegal and the MCC Paralegal Accelerated Certificate of Achievement are approved by the American Bar Association.

LAWS Stacked Credentials image showing two people climbing to the top of stairs that show the various degree paths possible including those listed above from MCC and beyond ending in a bachelors degree

For more information contact:

Academic Focus Area (AFA) Community & Human Services

Sherman Willis
J.D., B.A., RICP®, Licensed Insurance Agent - Nebraska and Iowa
Business Area Division Coordinator | Law/Insurance Instructor
MCC Sarpy Center | 531-622-3832

2023-2024 MCC Legal Studies Advisory Committee

MCC Legal Studies Advisory Committee members offer industry-based expertise that informs the currency and relevancy of curricula and programs. Members also support students through networking, internships, and scholarship opportunities. MCC is grateful for the professionalism and commitment of these important stakeholders as we work to serve our students, community and stakeholders.

Donna Birkby
Lawyer Referral Service, Omaha Bar Association

Carol Cleaver
Adjunct Instructor; Regulatory Compliance Manager, National Indemnity Company

Jessica Gillispie
President, MCC Student Paralegal Association

Magee Kopecky
Paralegal, Koley Jessen

John Kwapnioski
Associate General Counsel, Farm Credit Services of America

Kristine Krupka
Paralegal, Baird Holm

Susan Lewis
Senior Associate General Counsel, Mutual of Omaha

Jimmie Pinkham III
Adjunct Instructor; Deputy County Attorney, Douglas County Attorney’s Office

Amber Roberts
Paralegal, Kiewit Corporation

Jean Roeder
Retired federal judicial assistant

Amy Schmitt
Manager of Legal Operations, Mutual of Omaha


Working Groups

To inform the program about changes and trends in the field, including the importance and impact of diversity and inclusion.

Job Market & Career Opportunities
To assist the program in assessing the job market, and to assist the program in exploring and developing career opportunities for paralegals, including efforts to expand diversity and inclusion in the field.

To evaluate the adequacy of library resources in accordance with G-303.

To assess the effectiveness of the total program in terms of its curriculum and objectives, the needs of the legal community, and graduate performance, including efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

To advise regarding admissions standards for the selection of qualified students for the program, including expansion of student numbers from diverse backgrounds.

To assist in securing competent instructors, including those from diverse backgrounds.

Public Relations
To publicize the program and secure community cooperation and interest, including with diverse communities.

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Associate in Applied Science: Legal Studies - Paralegal and Legal Studies
Paralegal Accelerated Certificate of Achievement