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The Electrical Apprenticeship Program (AREAO) prepares students to become licensed electricians. This four-year program is divided into two quarters per year. Each quarter consists of two classes per week for eleven weeks, for a total of seven credit hours per quarter.  First year classes are offered two evenings a week (M/W or T/Th) with first year students having an option to start in Fall Quarter (September through February) or Spring Quarter (March through August). 

After completion of the first year of apprenticeship, all students will attend September through February for their second, third and fourth years in the program.

All program instructors are licensed journeyman electricians, and courses include lecture and hands-on lab instruction. After completing the Electrical Apprenticeship Program and the required on-the-job-training period (four years verifiable experience), students will be prepared to take the examination for the Journeyman's Electrician License administered by the State of Nebraska.

It is highly recommended that students find a job as an apprentice while attending classes in the apprenticeship program.

Students using VA education benefits may not simultaneously receive benefits for the MCC Electrical Apprenticeship degree program and an employer-sponsored apprenticeship program. Students utilizing VA education benefits for the Electrical Apprenticeship degree program at MCC must immediately notify the Military and Veterans Services Office if they enroll in an employer-sponsored apprenticeship program and plan to utilize VA education benefits at such facility. Employment and/or participation in an outside apprenticeship program is not a prerequisite or requirement for graduation from the MCC Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:


Apprenticeship Coordinato/Instructor: Jerry Delaney, 531-622-2132