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Design, Interactivity and Media Arts (DIMA) combines visual communication disciplines that use electronic media for their execution. DIMA courses teach cutting-edge technical skills to effectively communicate ideas conceptually and visually through electronic and print media.

MCC offers eight areas of study: Graphic Design, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, Illustration, Media Generalist, Motion Graphics, Web Design and DIMA Entrepreneur.

Students in DIMA enter careers in media art, web design, computer games and animation for motion pictures. Employment may also be within graphic design studios, in-house marketing departments, advertising agencies and printing establishments.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:


Dean of Humanities and The Arts: Susan Trinkle, 531-622-1342
Department Associate: Annette Guy, 531-622-1329
Success Navigator for Creative Arts and Design: Ivona Masic, 531-622-2687 
Embedded Advisor for Creative Arts and Design: Susie McWhirter, 531-622-1317
Instructor: Donovan Beery, 531-622-1339
Instructor: Luann Matthies, 531-622-2672
Instructor: Joseph Piper, 531-622-1270
Instructor: Jordan Scribner, 531-622-1372
Instructor: Ian Snyder, 531-622-1392