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The Communication department at MCC offers degree and career certificate options that prepare students to communicate more effectively in a variety of professional settings. English and Communication Studies faculty offer classes that meet the general education requirements for communication, critical thinking/creativity and social/cultural awareness.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:

Career Certificate:

Certificate of Achievement:


Dean of Humanities and The Arts: Susan Trinkle, 531-622-1342 
Department Associate: Annette Guy, 531-622-1329 
Success Navigator for Creative Arts and Design: Ivona Masic, 531-622-2687
Embedded Advisor for Creative Arts and Design: Susie McWhirter, 531-622-1317
Humanities Instructor: Laura Chambers, 531-622-2212 
Communication Instructor: Andrea Iaccheri, 531-622-3860
Communication Instructor: Kambiz Jamshidi, 531-622-4719
Creative Writing Instructor: Liz Kay, 531-622-3038
English Instructor: Sara Lihz Staroska, 531-622-1389
Communication Instructor: Cindy Stover, 531-622-1357
Communication Instructor: Mary Umberger, 531-622-2614