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The Architectural Design Technology (ARCH) program combines drawing skills with architectural knowledge and computer-aided design software to prepare students for careers as professional architectural design technicians in the offices of architects, engineers, contractors and materials suppliers.

Students learn classical drafting techniques, the art and language of architecture, the design process, how methods and materials shape buildings, the relationship between structural types, space usage and how architecture reflects the culture for which it is built. Students have the opportunity to apply these fundamentals, along with the latest architectural software principles and techniques to hands-on lab projects.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:

Career Certificate:


Transfer your MCC Architectural Design Technology program credits, specifically designed for ARCTO graduates, to Dunwoody College of Technology to pursue an accredited Bachelor of Architecture degree. This degree is essential for obtaining a license as an architect. At Dunwoody, this additional 3-year program can be completed either in-person or entirely online.

Program Coordinator/Instructor: Stephanie Ling, 531-622-2127 
‚ÄčInstructor: Bruce Yoder, 531-622-2533