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You are a Visiting Student at MCC if you want to register for one or more classes but are not planning on earning a degree. Visiting Students may attend another school or seek professional development.

01 Apply and Confirm Your Attendance
01 Apply and Confirm Your Attendance Applying is always free. Once you create an account and complete an application, you will receive an email asking to confirm your attendance. 
02 Browse our Catalog
02 Browse our Catalog You may know exactly what classes you’re looking for already. Look through our Course Catalog to identify those you want to register for - having the course number ready makes registering even quicker. If you’re not sure which classes you want to take, contact your advisor at your current school to ensure credits will transfer.
03 Verify Your Prerequisites
03 Verify Your Prerequisites If your MCC course requires a prerequisite you've already met, complete the Prerequisite Verification Form and follow its instructions. If your course has no prerequisites, call us to complete registration at 531-622-2400.

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