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Frequently Asked Questions

In today's changing labor and educational landscape, completion of a full degree is not the only opportunity for career attainment. Metropolitan Community College (MCC) has created a Credential College that provides students with practical options and career pathways to satisfy students’ current objectives and long-range career goals. Credential College seeks to develop concise and intentional programs to upskill students quickly through attainment of industry certifications, licensures, and non-credit workforce micro-credentials, that move students toward high skill, high demand, high wage (H3) careers. These stackable short-term credentialing pathways create avenues with multiple off-ramps: (a) directly into the workforce, (b) to additional credentialing opportunities, and/or (c) to higher-level degree completion. With MCC Credential College, students are empowered through career coaching to choose the right option for them and complete their educational goal and pursue career opportunities. Each micro-credential aligns to local, state, and national industry standards making this short-term investment and informed option tied directly to career opportunities and growth.

Short-term training programs that provide career relevant skills you can immediately apply to the workplace. Many MCC microcredential courses lead to a nationally recognized industry certification.

Micro-credentials can improve your employability by helping you gain knowledge and expand your skills more quickly. Overall, micro-credentials offer an affordable, flexible, and applicable means of advancing one’s skill set and unlocking career opportunities. As demand continues to increase for upskilling the modern workforce, micro-credentials can be a valuable assess for non-traditional students and working professionals looking to maintain a competitive edge in their respective fields of expertise.

Many microcredentials were designed to transition seamlessly into a degree program at MCC. Talk to your Credential College Navigator to confirm which courses equate to credit.

  • MCC’s Credential College Navigator will always serve as your first point of contact.
  • MCC Disability Services will support all students needing an accommodation.
  • Many classes will offer an Integrated Education Teacher (IET) who will provide immediate support to ensure success in the class.
  • Job placement support
  • Tutor support

Many nationally recognized industry certifications earned during an MCC microcredential course require periodic recertification.

  • Ages 16+
  • High school student or recent high school graduate
  • Programs may have specific eligibility requirements

Most courses are pass/fail, however, passing a national certification exam at the conclusion of the course is often required to earn an industry credential.

No, Credential College courses are skill-based training. Course contents are specific to the skills of the offered program.

Please see your high school counselors or email View current Credential College program offerings.

Anywhere from one day to six months.

No, but other sources of financial aid are available.