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Gap Assistance Program

The Community College Gap Assistance Program is designed to bridge the funding gap for individuals who meet program and income guidelines. Gap provides need-based tuition assistance for approved short-term credit and non-credit training programs that are in high-need fields and not eligible for federal financial aid. Gap assistance may be right for you if you are un- or underemployed or are looking to up-skill to achieve career advancement. You may be eligible for partial or total assistance for tuition, books, fees, and equipment.

To be eligible for the Gap assistance program you must:

  1. Be a Nebraska resident for at least 6 months
  2. Be a US Citizen or legal resident
  3. Have a family income at or below 250% of the federal income poverty guidelines
  4. Have the ability to obtain and maintain full-time employment
  5. Have the ability to be accepted into and complete the desired program of study
  6. Not currently receiving funding for education from any other source or organization

Add $5,140 for each additional person in household

Household/Family Size Approx. Hourly Wage Monthly Earning Annual Earning
1 $18.10 $3,137.50 $37,650
2 $24.56 $4,258.32 $51,100
3 $31.06 $5,385.41 $64,625
4 $37.50 $6,500.00 $78,000
5 $43.96 $7,620.83 $91,450
6 $50.43 $8,741.66 $104,900
7 $56.89 $9,862.50 $118,350
8 $63.36 $10,983.33 $131,800

*Based on 40 hrs./wk., 52 weeks, total combined wage

*Add $5,140 for each additional person in the household

Gap Eligible Non Credit Programs

Gap Eligible Non Credit Programs

  • Cisco Certified Network Technician
  • Class A with E Restrictions CDL Driver Training + CPP
  • CNA + CPP
  • CNA, Medication Aide, CPP
  • Customer Experience Leadership
  • Diversified Manufacturing CPP
  • IT Desktop Support Technician
  • Medical Services Representative + CPP
  • Medication Aide + CPP
  • Workplace Technology Program + CPP

  1. Research and select your desired program.
  2. Sign up to attend and attend a Workforce Information Session.
  3. Schedule to take and complete the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) assessment. To find more information about the NCRC, click here.
  4. Complete your GAP application and send it to
  5. Collect the required verification documents that need to be provided during your interview:
    • State-issued photo ID or Driver’s License
    • Most recent paycheck stubs for self and spouse, if applicable
    • Verification of other sources of income
    • Most recent years’ tax return
    • Green card, if applicable
    • Resume, if available
  6. Complete intake with Career Skills Coach

1. Maintain regular contact with instructors, career coaches, and program staff.

2. Sign any necessary releases to provide relevant information to college staff, if applicable.

3. Discuss with college staff any issues that may affect your ability to complete the program and obtain or maintain full-time employment.

4. Attend all courses regularly, if you will be absent communicate with college staff and make arrangements to complete work outside of class time.

5. Meet with college staff to develop a job search plan.

6. Complete surveying when requested by college staff.

q. I am enrolled in a credit program at MCC and receive financial aid, can I also be eligible for Gap funding to enroll in a Gap program?
a. To be eligible for Gap funding, an applicant cannot have any other source of funding available, public or private.

q. I am enrolled in a credit program at another college and receive the Pell Grant for that program, am I able to enroll in a program at MCC and use Gap funding?
a. No, if you are currently receiving funding for education from any other source or organization you are not eligible for Gap funding. This includes any scholarships, or federal or state grants you might be awarded for completing your FASFA.

q. I am a DACA individual, am I eligible for Gap funding?
a. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students are not eligible for the Gap program as deferred action does not provide lawful status which is a requirement for public benefits.

q. I just graduated high school and still live with my parents; do I need to submit their income and tax information as part of my verification documents?
a. No, the income verification is needed for the applicant and spouse if they are married.

q. I am enrolled in and started the program but now I’ve changed my mind and would like to enroll in a different program, can I use Gap funding for my second program?
a. No, Gap assistance is offered one time per eligible applicant.

q. Can I use Gap assistance for a program that is not on the eligible program list?
a. Gap assistance funds can only be utilized for approved programs that are on the eligible program list.

q. I am 16 years old, am I eligible for Gap funding?
a. To be eligible for Gap funding you must be able to be employed full-time upon completion of the program.

q. I do not have my high school diploma or GED yet, am I eligible for Gap funding?
a. To be eligible for Gap funding you must have a high school diploma or GED.

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