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Accounting specialists record transactions, prepare deposits, reconcile accounts, track customer accounts or vendor payments, and prepare financial statements and other reports. Additionally, they may also assist in preparing payroll. Bookkeepers, often are responsible for some or all of an organization’s accounts, known as the general ledger. They record all transactions and post debits (costs) and credits (income). They also produce financial statements and other reports for supervisors and managers. Bookkeepers prepare bank deposits by compiling data from cashiers, verifying receipts and sending cash, checks, or other forms of payment to the bank. In addition, they may handle payroll, make purchases, prepare invoices,

An accounting specialist’s job responsibilities often include recording transactions, preparing deposits, reconciling accounts, tracking customer accounts or vendor payments, and preparing financial statements and other reports. Additionally, accounting specialists may assist in preparing payroll. and keep track of overdue accounts.

Degrees and Certificates offered

The MCC Accounting Specialist Career Certificate teaches the principles of accounting and introduces software utilized in businesses. All courses that a student takes to earn the career certificate apply to the associate degree program.

Career Certificate:


The Accounting Specialist Career Certificate is a pathway in either Accounting or Business to further education in completion of the following certificates and degrees:



  • Prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements in accordance with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Evaluate business decisions using managerial accounting methods.
  • Analyze and prepare payroll transactions and forms.
  • Utilize the QuickBooks software program to record business transactions.
  • Analyze business transactions using technology.
  • Apply ethical reasoning to accounting scenarios.

Academic Focus Area  (AFA) Business Navigators and Advisors

Additional Information

Professional Credential

Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks, offers a certification called the QuickBooks Certified User. This certification is industry-recognized as an effective measure of a user’s proficiency with the QuickBooks accounting software. The Accounting Specialist Career Certificate aligns to the QuickBooks Certified User certification, specifically the desktop version of the software. Per the certification website, the associated exam “certifies on basic accounting knowledge and utilities of the QuickBooks Desktop software." 

Intuit QuickBooks Certified User

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